Character Designs from Pirates of the Caribbean by Marc Davis

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A rare delight.


A rare delight.

Ah! I forgot about this one! I drew this so long ago! #disneyartsharer #Stitch

Ah! I forgot about this one! I drew this so long ago! #disneyartsharer #Stitch

Anonymous said: How do you go about getting cosplay guests? I don't think they do a ton of comic stuff, but Holly and Jessica of Crabcat Industries would be wonderful cosplayers to get at ECCC sometime. (I've met them several times and they're just the nicest ladies. <3)


It’s a complex process that we mere ECCC tumblr people aren’t involved with, but thanks for the suggestion!
Are they still traveling with the other Heroes of Cosplay folks, or do they cons independently?




French Toast Grilled Cheese and Bacon Sandwich
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Stop. It. *drool*

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(I’ve had this hanging out in my drafts for a while, trying to decide whether or not to post it.)

I remember driving from North Carolina to Tennessee in flat out tears because David and I had one of our worst fights ever. I cried and listened to “Dear John” on repeat for seven hours. You don’t…

I seriously love these two people and I don’t even know them.


7 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block.